Scott's Bio

David Scott Chatfield is a San Diego native. Most people call him by his middle name, Scott, or Scotty! (please use the exclamation point ;-) lol).

For as long as he can remember, he has always had a great eye for the finer things. Early in his career, Scotty worked in pet stores and fish stores, and he paid special attention to details -how merchandise was displayed, how fish tanks were decorated, and how everything looked to customers. He knew that neat and beautiful presentations would be appreciated. He has always been very knowledgeable about the products he sells, and loves to educate people. This makes him a natural salesman, but one with the expertise and integrity not often seen in typical mainstream salespeople.

In 2005, Scotty decided he had a different calling. He knew he loved jewelry, and he decided to poke around on various websites, specifically the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) website ( On there, he stumbled upon the "The Four C's – A Diamond Primer,” where he took an online course and earned “The Fifth C”! That confirmed that he had a passion for gems, gemology, and jewelry. Scotty adamantly recommends that everyone do it, too, and see if you can earn The Fifth C!

Although it was a huge challenge for him and his family, Scotty enrolled in GIA's Graduate Gemologist (GG) program in Carlsbad, CA. It is an extremely difficult program, and Scotty earned his GG degree with flying colors! In addition, he earned specialty certification in pearls.

About 6 months after he graduated with his GG degree, he felt his education was not yet complete. He decided to go back to GIA and join the Graduate Jeweler program. After intensive, hands-on jewelry construction courses, he earned his GJ degree! Scotty can proudly proclaim he earned the GJG - Graduate Jeweler Gemologist degree! The GJG is a rare distinction since GIA no longer combines the GG and GJ degrees into the GJG.

His knowledge and expertise go beyond the usual gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. Scotty is also an expert in colored stones, organics, mineral specimens, statuary, jade and many more. He can build jewelry, analyze and appraise jewelry. Come to Scotty for his knowledge and expertise and he will help you make your dreams come true!

Scotty has built an extensive network of friends, and colleagues, and celebrities all over the world. Locally, he hones his gem and jewelry expertise, and his great salesmanship working as Jewelry Manager for local pawn shops. He enjoys sharing his expertise with people, and he brightens everyone's day with his knowledge.

- David Provenghi, Scotty’s partner since 1989.